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Obtaining green energy has been more and more discussed lately. Some of the causes for which it is of major interest in recent years are: global warming and environmental protection, rising prices for both fuel and electricity.

Some of the most sought after alternatives for green energy production are photovoltaic panels. These generate electricity using only the energy received from the sun.

In the development of these green energy sources, land areas of variable dimensions are taken into account, depending on the established energy needs. These panels are mounted on metal supports of dimensions calculated according to the dimensions of the chosen photovoltaic panels and they are mounted on hectares of land (usually in the field-for industrial use or on houses or the land around the houses-for domestic use).

Although it seems relatively simple, the layout plan for these panels has relatively complex calculations behind it. The project for the development of a solar energy production system with photovoltaic panels will calculate: the area required for the location of the panels, their distribution according to the geometry of the land on which they will be located, their location so that maintenance procedures are as accessible as possible. calculation of metal supports. Last but not least, electrical calculations will be performed. Various software, such as autocad, and people specialized in the electrical field are needed to carry out such projects.

Volunteering ... a profession for professionals

Every year we choose a few projects for those in difficulty and form dynamic teams of 3-5 volunteers, who under the guidance of professionals will develop their skills in engineering, drawing, management or others.

Thus, through a good deed, we can generate professionals prepared for the current labor market, specialized on its requirements..

What do we offer participants?

  • A professional and challenging work environment, characterized by team spirit, which values performance and ingenuity;
  • A favorable environment for personal development, in which behaviors can be formed, standards can be set, approaches can be learned and reference points can be created;
  • The chance to work in the field of interest and to gain an overview of the specific activities and the way in which the desired job relates to the rest of the departments;
  • Involvement in the practical activity of the departments, by assigning work tasks in accordance with the level of each individual in part of knowledge - a valuable practical experience as a starting point in the career, in the chosen field;
  • Guidance, support and feedback from the coordinator during the internship;
  • The opportunity to highlight their spirit of initiative and ideas, realizing a project that they will see executed.

If you are interested in a guide for your career, do not hesitate to contact us

AndERN engineering
We also offer services in the following areas:

    • Pipe connections
    • Horizontal / vertical steel tanks
    • Gas filters
    • Godevil station
    • Electro-insulated flanges
    • Pipelines
    • Tanks
    • Natural gas compression stations
    • Pig stations
    • Intervention machines at the mouth of the probe
    • Autocad vanilla or mechanical
    • Cadworx \ Autocad Plant 3D
    • Inventor \ Solidwork \ Solidedge
    • PVElite
    • EPANET - water networks
    • Brief calculation Mathcad, Excel and PHP
    • Automate templates \ repetitive files - Excel, VBA, PHP
    • Technical memory
    • Network sprinklers
    • Drinker network
    • Indoor / outdoor hydrant network
    • Detection, signaling, alarming and alerting systems (conventional / addressable)
    • TRA FireEngineeringSoftware - finite element heat transfer calculation
    • Epanet
    • AirSoft for detection with suction